Brad Pitt emailed me!!

Sort of. lol. I donated to his Make It Right project and bought some merchandise. Anyway, I got an email today from Make It Right thanking me for my help and to let donors know that "Thank You" cards will be sent to anyone who went to the site and helped out. I thought that was nice.

In honor of Brad's 44th birthday today, I am putting up a link to his site. I love New Orleans, having been there and planning on going back soon, so I think people need to keep that city in their minds because they still need help rebuilding that area. Go to www.makeitrightnola.org

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Oh My Zeppelin!!!

Just surfing the net for footage of the big reunion show, and I am in utopia. Even with the sub-par quality of most of the videos I have looked at, I can see it was beyond what anyone thought it would be. I mean, everyone was hoping it was going to be good, but people haven't forgotten about Live Aid and the Atlantic 40th Anniversary gig. Their intentions were good, but experience was not. Jimmy, Robert, and Jonesy even said as much. The anticipation of this show was so great that I literally beginning to think it would never live up to expectations.

But, forget all that. What I seen of the reunion show was amazing. The magic is back! And Jason Bonham looked to be outstanding. Bonzo would be proud.

There is a part of this huge Zeppelin fan that wishes they would not reunite w/ Jason and tour. What is Zeppelin without John? It would also take away some of the mystique, IMO. However, there is also a part of me that now wishes they do. If I was blown away by footage and sounds from bootleggers, then it would be so much more to see it live and in person. I'm not holding my breath, but these guys need to go balls out and tour. Show people what real music is and how it should be played.


The end
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Yankee Killers

Yeah, baby. The Tribe beat the Yankees! Onto Boston. I think this series will be much tougher as the Red Sox are more balanced than the Yankees. But hey, I still think the Indians are capable of beating them. Showing bias, I predict the Indians in 7. Take that Ben Assfleck!!

BTW, my bestest friends wedding was really nice. They'll be leaving for New York for a short honeymoon. They got tickets to a Martha Stewart taping, which cracks my shit up. They'll also be scoping the area looking to see if they can spot the Sex and the City filming.
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A Few Things

Hockey is finally back in Cleveland. Went to the home opener tonight to the Lake Erie Monsters at the Q. A pretty big crowd of about 15,000 was on hand. They lost 3-2, but it's just nice to have hockey back.

My Indians are up 2-0 on the Yankees! Finish em' off! GO INDIANS!!!

Today, my BFF, Julie, is getting married to her long-time boyfriend, Mike. I am her "maid of dishonor". :) We're weird like that. So a public congrats to them both.
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Random Musings

If the 11-26-07 tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, featuring Led Zeppelin, is not on Pay-Per-View, I will sob uncontrollably.

I loved seeing Michael Vartan back on tv with Big Shots. The show needs a bit of work, but I see potential in it. Here's hoping it sticks around.

Same with David Duchovny's Californication. But, that show does not need work. I think it's brilliant. The great thing about the show is that there is not one ounce of Mulder in it. The guy can be such a dick, but you can't help but like him when you see him with his daughter. I like the contrast.

I got tickets to Chris Cornell's Nov.11th show at House of Blues!!!

I watched the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford last night.
(Coughbootlegcough!)Fuckin' masterpiece. Casey Affleck is worthy of all the kudos he is getting for his portrayal of Robert Ford. And Brad Pitt? This is up there with Kalifornia, 12 Monkeys, and Fight Club as his best work. He is such a menace in this film. I can see why he won Best Actor at Venice. Both Affleck and Pitt are worthy of Oscars. This movie is going to be a hard sell, as it's 2hr and 40 min. long and not your typical western, but a masterpiece it still is.

Ha Ha, Jennifer Garner got taken down by The Rock at the box office!!
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Things that made me squeal

1. I watched my Cleveland Indians win the Central Division title on Sunday. GO INDIANS!!!

2. Chris Cornell is coming to The House of Blues here in Cleveland in November.
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Was a Good Day

Good day for a couple of reasons. They are:

My Buckeyes kicked ass again. Undefeated going into the Michigan game. It's almost as if next weekends game is a national title game. #1 vs. #2. GO BUCKS!!!!

Went and seen Babel. And, oh man, was it fantastic. I totally get the Oscar buzz for it. I won't spoil anything, but I'll post some thoughts. The writing was terrific, and I can't say enough about the cast. Not just the big names of Brad, Kate, and Gael. Don't get me wrong, there were indeed fantastic. And I think Bradley could finally get an Oscar. But, the Japanese actress and the woman who played the Mexican nanny just blew me away. Their story-lines were so heartbreaking and intense. I can see both of them getting recognized. For anyone who reads my blog, I highly recommend you go see this film. Very thought provoking. And moving.

While it was nice today, it rained, so I wasn't able to rake any leaves. Which is a good thing, as I have tons of them to rake up. I'm secretly hoping it rains tomorrow. ;)

Lastly, I beat my sisters in 3 games of Yahtzee. Usually she beats me, but today I handed her own ass on a platter.
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