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Cherie's World

Ramble on! Because that's what I do best!

20 June 1974
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Currently a -Quality Technician I-CQT at a metal stamping factory. Been there since '94.

Happily married since 2001 to John, who spoils me rotten.

I am the proud "parent" of Hannibal(1997-2005), a Chihuahua ,Caesar, a Toy Fox Terrier who was born in 12/04, Stanley, also a Terrier who as born in 06/05, and Achilles, a Chihuahua born in 4/08'.

Have 2 sisters, one being my identical twin(whom I love to unleash havoc on).

Overly proud owner of a Conspiracy Blue Alienware computer. A monster of a computer.

Freely profess my love for Jimmy Page. None rule as so much as he!

Louis av courtesy of _running_alone.